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Picture Courtesy of UK Emergency.co.uk

This Audi Allroad is used by the Search and Rescue Dogs Association (SARDA). Livery is red and yellow battenburg markings which continue onto the roof box. It was donated by Audi.

Search & Rescue Vehicles

Tayside Police SAR Fleet

Tayside Police Search & Rescue Unit use a Search Base Command Vehicle, donated by the Order of St John. All search operations are co-ordinated from this vehicle, and it has made a perfect base for the difficult job of managing resources on a prolonged search.the vehicle was used to manage one of the largest search operations seen in the region for many years, involving five different teams of more than 100 searchers over three days.

The Search & Rescue vehicle is equipped with laptop computers, satellite telephones and radios, and its technical specifications reflect the more demanding role that managing a mountain rescue operation has become.

With its generator, the van can act continuously as a base for operations, and it has become a very valuable asset to the SAR Unit. In addition, the Unit also has responsibility for two 4x4 vehicles, a quad bike and a search boat based in Perth.

Got any empty printer cartridges?

Got an old mobile phone ?

Help Midshires Search & Rescue get a new control vehicle

Midshires Search & Rescue
Midshire SAR Control Van


Since 1999 Midshires SAR has been called out by Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire police forces, and by the Milton Keynes division of Thames Valley police, as well as county Emergency Planning Officers or other search teams to assist. Their trusty old control vehicle has seen better days and a new up-to-date one is needed.

There are many ways that an individual or indeed business can help to make a donation no matter how small; whether it donating your old mobile phone or sending your inkjet cartridges ..... Midshires even supply a free pre-paid envelope!

If you sell products on eBay; you could pledge small percentage of the final selling price to Midshires, and eBay will arrange for the payment to be made. More



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